Stack Size
1 Three Faces in the Dark 7 3x Chaos Orb The Grain Gate, The Refinery, The Imperial Fields, Castle Ruins Map, The Marketplace, Arsenal Map, Factory Map purchase
2 The Doctor 8 Headhunter Spider Forest Map, Burial Chambers Map purchase
3 The Hermit 9 Lifesprig The Broken Bridge, The Causeway, The Vaal City, The Crossroads, The Fellshrine Ruins, The Ashen Fields purchase
4 Lantador's Lost Love 7 Two-Stone Ring The Karui Fortress, The Tidal Island, The Coast, The Cavern of Anger, The Beacon, The Brine King's Reef, Prisoner's Gate, The Twilight Strand, The Wetlands, The Ridge, The Western Forest, The Southern Forest, The Mud Flats, Shavronne's Tower, The Lower Prison, The Riverways purchase
5 The Metalsmith's Gift 6 Prismatic Ring The Fetid Pool, The Karui Fortress, The Mud Flats purchase
6 The Battle Born 5 Axe Kaom's Dream, Kaom's Stronghold, Volcano Map purchase
7 The Gladiator 5 Nightmare Bascinet Daresso's Dream, Colosseum Map, The Grand Arena, Arena Map purchase
8 The Scholar 3 40x Scroll of Wisdom Academy Map, Museum Map, Scriptorium Map, The Library, The Archives purchase
9 The Brittle Emperor 8 Voll's Devotion The Brittle Emperor, Voll, Emperor of Purity purchase
10 The Poet 9 Blood of Corruption The Marketplace, The Quay purchase
11 The Carrion Crow 4 Life Armour The Western Forest, The City of Sarn, The Ebony Barracks, The Battlefront, The Aqueduct, The Ascent, The Grand Promenade, The Blood Aqueduct, Colonnade Map, Courtyard Map, Promenade Map, Ramparts Map purchase
12 Hope 5 Prismatic Ring Beach Map, Dungeon Map, Lookout Map purchase
13 The Fiend 11 Headhunter The_Putrid_Cloister, Shrine Map purchase
14 Birth of the Three 3 The Goddess Bound The Twilight Strand, Hillock purchase
15 Vinia's Token 5 10x Orb of Regret The Crematorium, Overgrown Shrine Map, Shrine Map purchase
16 The Summoner 6 Superior Minion Gem Cells Map, The Upper Prison, Tower Map, The Chamber of Sins Level 1, The Catacombs, Actons_Nightmare, The Fetid Pool, Necropolis Map, The_Cowards_Trial, The Crypt Level 2, Torture Chamber Map, Dungeon Map, The Lower Prison, The Chamber of Sins Level 2, Shavronne's Tower purchase
17 The Cataclysm 13 Level 21 Spell Gem purchase
18 The Hunger 9 Taste of Hate The Belly of the Beast Level 1, The Belly of the Beast Level 2, The_Harvest, The Rotting Core, Carcass Map, Phantasmagoria Map purchase
19 The Hoarder 12 Exalted Orb The Belly of the Beast Level 1, The Belly of the Beast Level 2, The_Harvest, The Rotting Core, Vault Map purchase
20 The Drunken Aristocrat 8 Divination Distillate Villa Map purchase
21 The Sun 7 Rise of the Phoenix The Solaris Temple Level 1, The Solaris Temple Level 2 purchase
22 The Warden 4 Amulet The Upper Prison, The Lower Prison, The Slave Pens, Shavronne's Tower, Cage Map, Dungeon Map, Pen Map, Tower Map purchase
23 The Scarred Meadow 9 Wake of Destruction The Old Fields, Ashen Wood Map, Fields Map, Peninsula Map purchase
24 The Dark Mage 6 Six-Link Staff The Chamber of Sins Level 2, Overgrown Ruin Map purchase
25 The Gemcutter 3 Gemcutter's Prism purchase
26 The Gambler 5 purchase
27 The Lover 2 Jewellery Maelström_of_Chaos, Mineral Pools Map, Underground Sea Map purchase
28 Chaotic Disposition 1 5x Chaos Orb Poorjoys_Asylum purchase
29 The Road to Power 7 Runic One-Hand Weapon Castle Ruins Map purchase
30 The Avenger 12 Mjölner Torture Chamber Map purchase
31 Emperor's Luck 5 5x Currency The Imperial Gardens, The High Gardens, Courtyard Map, Orchard Map, Terrace Map purchase
32 Time-Lost Relic 10 League-Specific Item Excavation Map purchase
33 Lucky Connections 7 20x Orb of Fusing The Docks, The Quay, Port Map, Shipyard Map, Wharf Map purchase
34 The Feast 5 Romira's Banquet The Northern Forest, The Sewers, The Toxic Conduits, Lair of the Hydra Map, Toxic Sewer Map, Waste Pool Map purchase
35 Rain of Chaos 8 Chaos Orb The Imperial Fields, The Crossroads, Castle Ruins Map purchase
36 The Watcher 12 Crown of Eyes Grotto Map purchase
37 The Incantation 4 The Whispering Ice Spider Forest Map, The Western Forest, Burial Chambers Map purchase
38 Coveted Possession 9 5x Regal Orb The Catacombs, The Ossuary, Bone Crypt Map purchase
39 The King's Heart 8 Kaom's Heart Caldera Map, Volcano Map purchase
40 Abandoned Wealth 5 3x Exalted Orb Arsenal Map, Mao_Kun, Vault Map purchase
41 The Wind 7 Windripper Atoll Map, Jungle Valley Map purchase
42 The Pact 9 Pledge of Hands The Quay purchase
43 Gemcutter's Promise 3 Superior Gem The Ebony Barracks, The Lunaris Concourse, Colonnade Map purchase
44 The Celestial Justicar 6 Six-Link Astral Plate Cursed Crypt Map purchase
45 The Chains that Bind 11 Six-Link Body Armour Cage Map, Lava Chamber Map, Pen Map, Pit Map purchase
46 The Artist 11 Level 4 Enhance Overgrown Ruin Map, Overgrown Shrine Map purchase
47 The Inventor 6 10x Vaal Orb The Temple of Decay Level 1, The Temple of Decay Level 2, Maze Map, Vaal Pyramid Map purchase
48 The Pack Leader 6 Alpha's Howl Ashen Wood Map, Dark Forest Map, Jungle Valley Map, Lair Map, Tropical Island Map purchase
49 Jack in the Box 4 Item The Sarn Ramparts, The Imperial Fields, The Harbour Bridge, The Grand Promenade, The Lunaris Concourse, The Quay, The Grain Gate, Arsenal Map, Ghetto Map, Port Map, Promenade Map purchase
50 The Union 7 10x Gemcutter's Prism Cemetery Map, Graveyard Map purchase
51 The Queen 16 Atziri's Acuity Vaults_of_Atziri purchase
52 Humility 9 Tabula Rasa The Aqueduct, The Blood Aqueduct, Channel Map, Waterways Map purchase
53 The Explorer 6 Map The Dread Thicket, Thicket Map purchase
54 The Spoiled Prince 4 Dictator's Prophecy Wand Vaal Pyramid Map purchase
55 The Betrayal 9 Maligaro's Virtuosity The Northern Forest, The Southern Forest, The Riverways, Burial Chambers Map, Mesa Map, Spider Forest Map, Springs Map, Strand Map purchase
56 The Flora's Gift 5 Five-Link Staff Jungle Valley Map, Tropical Island Map purchase
57 The Siren 7 The Whispering Ice The Cavern of Anger, The Brine King's Reef, Maelström_of_Chaos purchase
58 The One With All 6 Le Heup of All The Tidal Island, Obas_Cursed_Trove purchase
59 The Last One Standing 10 Atziri's Disfavour purchase
60 Doedre's Madness 9 Doedre Item The_Harvest, Doedre's Cesspool, Doedre Darktongue, Doedre the Vile, Erythrophagia, Prodigy of Hexes purchase
61 The Encroaching Darkness 8 Map Torture Chamber Map, Museum Map, Thicket Map, Spider Forest Map, Racecourse Map, Bog Map, Mud Geyser Map, Scriptorium Map purchase
62 The Wrath 8 10x Chaos Orb The Cathedral Rooftop, The Canals, The Feeding Trough, The Cavern of Anger, Belfry Map, Lava Lake Map purchase
63 The King's Blade 5 Daresso's Dream, Pit Map purchase
64 The Trial 7 Map purchase
65 The Gentleman 4 Sword The Slums, The Sarn Ramparts, The Grain Gate, Ghetto Map purchase
66 House of Mirrors 9 Mirror of Kalandra The Alluring Abyss purchase
67 Wealth and Power 11 Level 4 Enlighten The Lunaris Temple Level 2 purchase
68 The Catalyst 3 Vaal Orb The Vaal City, The Temple of Decay Level 1, The Temple of Decay Level 2, Ancient City Map, Maze Map, Vaal Pyramid Map, Vaults_of_Atziri, Vaal Temple Map purchase
69 The Vast 7 Song of the Sirens Coral Ruins Map purchase
70 Gift of the Gemling Queen 9 Level 20 Support Gem The Tunnel, The Quarry, Crystal Ore Map, Dig Map, Excavation Map purchase
71 The Dragon's Heart 11 Level 4 Empower Pit of the Chimera Map, The_Putrid_Cloister purchase
72 The Fox 6 Level 20 Gem The Western Forest, The Vaal City, The Crossroads, The Fellshrine Ruins, Barrows Map, Sunken City Map purchase
73 The Doppelganger 2 Superior Mirror Arrow The Crossroads, Whakawairua_Tuahu purchase
74 The Survivalist 3 7x Orb of Alchemy The Wetlands, Mineral Pools Map, Underground Sea Map purchase
75 Death 4 Mon'tregul's Grasp The Karui Fortress, Bog Map, Flooded Mine Map, Marshes Map, Mud Geyser Map purchase
76 Grave Knowledge 6 Summon Raging Spirit Bone Crypt Map, Cursed Crypt Map, Olmecs_Sanctum purchase
77 The Jester 9 Villa Map purchase
78 The Mercenary 5 Shield The Broken Bridge, Castle Ruins Map purchase
79 The Inoculated 4 Seraphim's Armour Acid Lakes Map, Primordial Pool Map purchase
80 Loyalty 5 3x Orb of Fusing The Den, Barrows Map, Grotto Map, Lair Map purchase
81 Pride Before the Fall 8 Kaom's Heart The Coast, The Tidal Island, The Mud Flats, The Karui Fortress, Caldera Map, Lava Lake Map, Marshes Map, Volcano Map purchase
82 Audacity 5 Doryani's Fist The Apex of Sacrifice purchase
83 Assassin's Favour 9 Dagger The Marketplace, The Quay, Alleyways Map, Arcade Map, Bazaar Map, Park Map purchase
84 Hunter's Resolve 8 Bow The Riverways, Springs Map purchase
85 Scholar of the Seas 7 Mao Kun Coves Map, The Brine King's Reef, Reef Map purchase
86 The Conduit 9 Doryani's Fist The Upper Sceptre of God, Palace Map, Residence Map, God's Chosen, The High Templar purchase
87 The Tower 6 Staff Tower Map, The Sceptre of God, Residence Map, The Upper Sceptre of God purchase
88 The Twins The Twins Ivory Temple Map, Moon Temple Map purchase
89 Anarchy's Price 13 Voltaxic Rift purchase
90 The Lich 12 Midnight Bargain The Upper Prison, Bone Crypt Map, Sawbones, Xixic, High Necromancer purchase
91 The Thaumaturgist 8 Shavronne's Revelation Shrine Map purchase
92 The Aesthete 8 Shavronne Item The_Harvest, Core Map, Scriptorium Map, Tower Map, Tribunal Map, Prodigy of Darkness, Shavronne of Umbra purchase
93 The Enlightened 6 Level 3 Enlighten Ashen Wood Map purchase
94 Hunter's Reward 3 The Taming Grotto Map, Underground River Map purchase
95 The Fletcher 5 Drillneck The Climb, Ironpoint the Forsaken, Lieutenant of the Bow, Steelpoint the Avenger purchase
96 The Surveyor 4 Map Core Map, Malformation Map, Phantasmagoria Map purchase
97 Bowyer's Dream 6 Six-Link Harbinger Bow Lord of the Ashen Arrow purchase
98 The Surgeon 4 Surgeon's Flask The Chamber of Sins Level 1, The Chamber of Sins Level 2, Overgrown Ruin Map, Overgrown Shrine Map purchase
99 Volatile Power 9 Superior Vaal Gem Excavation Map, The Mines Level 1, Crystal Ore Map, The Tunnel, The Crystal Veins, The Mines Level 2, Geode Map purchase
100 Last Hope 3 Mortal Hope Vaal Temple Map purchase
101 Hubris 5 Ring The Library purchase
102 Blind Venture 7 Ring The Reliquary, Museum Map, Relic Chambers Map purchase
103 Merciless Armament 4 Armoury Map, Colonnade Map purchase
104 The Cartographer 1 10x Cartographer's Chisel purchase
105 The Warlord 6 Six-Link Coronal Maul Arsenal Map purchase
106 The Demoness 5 Death's Hand The Northern Forest purchase
107 The Traitor 4 Wand The Battlefront, The Sarn Ramparts, Promenade Map, Ramparts Map purchase
108 The Offering 8 Shavronne's Wrappings The Rotting Core, Tower Map, Tribunal Map, Gisale, Thought Thief, Prodigy of Darkness, Shavronne, Unbound purchase
109 Lost Worlds 8 Map purchase
110 The Lord in Black 6 Ring of Bameth Bameth, Shifting Darkness purchase
111 A Mother's Parting Gift 6 Fertile Mind The High Gardens, The Imperial Gardens purchase
112 The Body 4 Body Armour purchase
113 Turn the Other Cheek 3 Pacifism The Library purchase
114 Glimmer of Hope 8 Gold Ring Crystal Ore Map, Underground River Map, Underground Sea Map purchase
115 The Ethereal 7 Six-Link Vaal Regalia The Apex of Sacrifice purchase
116 Prosperity 10 Perandus' Gold Ring The Tidal Island, Shore Map purchase
117 The Sigil 3 Unassailable Amulet Overgrown Shrine Map purchase
118 The Dapper Prodigy 6 Six-Link Body Armour Residence Map purchase
119 The Rabid Rhoa 4 Malicious Gemini Claw Arid Lake Map, Drought-Maddened Rhoa purchase
120 The Soul 9 Soul Taker Overgrown Shrine Map, Tribunal Map purchase
121 The Lion 5 Lioneye Item Gorge Map purchase
122 The Dragon 4 Coruscating Elixir Dark Forest Map purchase
123 Rats 8 Rat's Nest The Imperial Fields, The Grain Gate, Factory Map purchase
124 The Risk 3 Ventor's Gamble purchase
125 Tranquillity 7 Voltaxic Rift The Ashen Fields, Fields Map purchase
126 Her Mask 4 Sacrifice Fragment purchase
127 Treasure Hunter 7 Vaults of Atziri Underground Sea Map purchase
128 Earth Drinker 5 Granite Flask The Vastiri Desert, The Oasis, The Foothills, Desert Map, Dunes Map purchase
129 The Wolf's Shadow 3 Hyaon's Fury Underground River Map, Caer_Blaidd,_Wolfpacks_Den, Lair Map purchase
130 The Arena Champion 10 Colosseum Map Arena Map, Pit Map purchase
131 The Sephirot 11 10x Divine Orb The Upper Sceptre of God, God's Chosen purchase
132 The Visionary 6 Lioneye's Vision The Grand Arena, Colosseum Map purchase
133 Thunderous Skies 5 Storm Cloud Strand Map, Courtyard Map, The Twilight Strand, Tower Map purchase
134 Dying Anguish 8 Level 19 Skill Gem The Harbour Bridge, The Bath House, The Lunaris Concourse, The Quay, The Grain Gate, Colonnade Map, Ghetto Map, Port Map, Precinct Map, Promenade Map purchase
135 The Immortal 10 purchase
136 The Throne 2 Kaom's Roots Lair of the Hydra Map, Toxic Sewer Map purchase
137 Boundless Realms 4 Map The Solaris Temple Level 2, Ivory Temple Map, Temple Map purchase
138 The Devastator 8 Atziri's Disfavour purchase
139 Destined to Crumble 5 Body Armour Academy Map, Museum Map, Scriptorium Map purchase
140 Shard of Fate 4 Vivid Jewel The Chamber of Sins Level 2, Museum Map, Overgrown Ruin Map, Overgrown Shrine Map purchase
141 Heterochromia 2 Two-Stone Ring Estuary Map purchase
142 Rain Tempter 9 Strand Map Grotto Map purchase
143 The Void 1 purchase
144 The Tyrant 9 Merciless Weapon Precinct Map purchase
145 The Web 8 Weapon of Crafting The Weaver's Chambers, Arachnid Nest Map, Arachnid Tomb Map, Spider Lair Map purchase
146 The Harvester 11 The Harvest Castle Ruins Map purchase
147 The Lunaris Priestess 5 Sire of Shards The Lunaris Temple Level 2, Shrine Map purchase
148 Emperor of Purity 7 Six-Link Holy Chainmail The Western Forest, The Chamber of Sins Level 1, Overgrown Ruin Map, Springs Map purchase
149 The Cursed King 8 Rigwald's Curse Caer_Blaidd,_Wolfpacks_Den purchase
150 The Stormcaller 4 Agnerod Staff Torture Chamber Map purchase
151 Lysah's Respite 6 Agate Amulet Maelström_of_Chaos, Mineral Pools Map, Underground Sea Map purchase
152 Cartographer's Delight 3 The Harbour Bridge, The Foothills purchase
153 Lucky Deck 9 10x Stacked Deck Ramparts Map purchase
154 Light and Truth 2 Crystal Sceptre The Upper Sceptre of God, Residence Map, Villa Map purchase
155 Luck of the Vaal 1 Vaal Gauntlets purchase
156 The Endurance 4 Vivid Crimson Jewel The Mines Level 1, The Mines Level 2, The Crystal Veins, The Tunnel, Excavation Map, Geode Map purchase
157 The Penitent 5 Unset Ring Cells Map purchase
158 The Wolf 5 Rigwald Item Flooded Mine Map purchase
159 Dialla's Subjugation 7 Ivory Temple Map, Temple Map purchase
160 The Calling 6 Beyond Item purchase
161 The Valkyrie 8 Nemesis Item purchase
162 The Formless Sea 7 Varunastra Reef Map purchase
163 The Oath 6 Death's Oath Core Map, Malformation Map, Phantasmagoria Map, The Belly of the Beast purchase
164 The Scavenger 8 Carcass Jack The Aqueduct, Underground River Map, It That Fell, The Winged Death purchase
165 Mawr Blaidd 16 Eyes of the Greatwolf Dark Forest Map purchase
166 The Porcupine 6 Six-Link Short Bow The High Gardens, Gardens Map, Plaza Map, Terrace Map purchase
167 The Coming Storm 8 Lightning Coil Colonnade Map, Graveyard Map, Infested Valley Map, Leyline Map, Shipyard Map, Villa Map purchase
168 The Polymath 3 Astramentis The Reliquary, Relic Chambers Map purchase
169 The Wolverine 4 Claw Gorge Map, Summit Map purchase
170 Mitts 5 Gloves The Ascent, The Solaris Temple Level 1, Iceberg Map, Summit Map purchase
171 The Wretched 6 Belt Bone Crypt Map, Cells Map, The_Cowards_Trial, Dungeon Map, Necropolis Map, Overgrown Ruin Map, Forge of the Phoenix Map, Torture Chamber Map, Tower Map purchase
172 The Wolven King's Bite 8 Rigwald's Quills Dark Forest Map, Lair Map purchase
173 The Standoff 3 Rustic Sash The Torched Courts, Bone Crypt Map, Lava Chamber Map, Forge of the Phoenix Map purchase
174 The Forsaken 7 Umbilicus Immortalis Bone Crypt Map purchase
175 The Garish Power 4 Jewel The Chamber of Sins Level 1, The Chamber of Sins Level 2 purchase
176 Lingering Remnants 16 Vaal Temple Map purchase
177 The Spark and the Flame 2 Berek's Respite Atoll Map, Maelström_of_Chaos purchase
178 The Saint's Treasure 10 2x Exalted Orb The Slums, The Grain Gate, The Imperial Fields, Arcade Map, Arsenal Map, Ghetto Map, Precinct Map purchase
179 Call to the First Ones 5 Tier 1 Talisman Infested Valley Map purchase
180 The Valley of Steel Boxes 9 purchase
181 Might is Right 9 Trypanon The Reliquary, The Ossuary, Mausoleum Map, Relic Chambers Map, Sepulchre Map purchase
182 The Opulent 5 Ring Chateau Map, Conservatory Map, Crimson Temple Map, Ivory Temple Map, Laboratory Map, Relic Chambers Map, Residence Map, Temple Map, Vaults_of_Atziri, Vault Map, Villa Map purchase
183 Struck by Lightning 3 Electrocuting Jewellery Cemetery Map, Courtyard Map, Graveyard Map, Leyline Map, Promenade Map, Tower Map purchase
184 Atziri's Arsenal 4 Weapon Vaults_of_Atziri purchase
185 The Ruthless Ceinture 7 Meginord's Girdle The Foothills, Dig Map, Maze of the Minotaur Map, Summit Map purchase
186 No Traces 9 30x Orb of Scouring The Ossuary, Mausoleum Map, Sepulchre Map purchase
187 The Realm 5 Superior Portal purchase
188 The Eye of the Dragon 10 Jewel The Boiling Lake, Marshes Map, Sulphur Vents purchase
189 The Blazing Fire 6 Chin Sol The Ruined Square, The Torched Courts, Alleyways Map, Haunted Mansion Map, Siege Map purchase
190 Left to Fate 4 Map The Pale Court purchase
191 Rebirth Rebirth The Slave Pens, The Ruined Square, The Reliquary, The Broken Bridge, The Crypt, The Ashen Fields, The Blood Aqueduct, The Vastiri Desert purchase
192 The Insatiable 3 The Harvest Carcass Map purchase
193 The Obscured 7 purchase
194 The Iron Bard 9 The_Vinktar_Square purchase
195 Forbidden Power 4 Balefire The Harbour Bridge purchase
196 The Breach 4 Breach Item purchase
197 The Dreamer 6 Chayula Item purchase
198 The World Eater 8 Starforge Abaxoth, the End of All That Is purchase
199 The Deceiver 4 Belt of the Deceiver The Grand Arena, Arena Map, Colosseum Map purchase
200 Blessing of God 3 Elreon's Jewellery purchase
201 The Puzzle 5 5x Breachstone Splinter purchase
202 The Witch 8 Kiara's Determination Burial Chambers Map, Spider Forest Map purchase
203 Immortal Resolve 6 Carcass Map, Vault Map purchase
204 The Jeweller's Boon 5 Crystal Ore Map purchase
205 The Darkest Dream 6 Severed in Sleep Whakawairua_Tuahu purchase
206 The Master 4 Bisco's Collar Pen Map, Arwyn, the Houndmaster purchase
207 The Fathomless Depths 8 Lightpoacher Flooded Mine Map, The Cavern of Anger, Underground Sea Map purchase
208 The Undaunted 5 Nemesis Item Basilica Map, Courthouse Map, Precinct Map purchase
209 The Admirer 9 Atziri Item Ancient City Map purchase
210 The Sword King's Salute 7 Daresso's Salute purchase
211 The Army of Blood 6 Bloodbond Shrine Map purchase
212 The Celestial Stone 10 Opal Ring Basilica Map, Lair of the Hydra Map, Terrace Map purchase
213 Perfection 5 Jewellery Guardian of the Minotaur, Guardian of the Chimera, Guardian of the Hydra, Guardian of the Phoenix purchase
214 The Dreamland 8 Poorjoy's Asylum purchase
215 Harmony of Souls 9 9x Shrieking Essence Doedre, Darksoul, Maligaro, The Broken, Shavronne, Unbound, Maligaro the Mutilator, Doedre the Defiler, Shavronne the Sickening purchase
216 The Samurai's Eye 3 Watcher's Eye Abyssal Depths purchase
217 The Hale Heart 4 Item purchase
218 The Mayor 5 The Perandus Manor Ivory Temple Map purchase
219 The Undisputed 8 Merciless Vaal Axe Chayula, Who Dreamt purchase
220 The Rite of Elements 5 Level 21 Golem Gem Courthouse Map, Flooded Mine Map, Vault Map, Wharf Map purchase
221 Three Voices 3 3x Essence City Square Map, Courthouse Map, Courtyard Map, Graveyard Map, Racecourse Map purchase
222 The Professor 4 The Putrid Cloister Laboratory Map purchase
223 The Beast 6 Belly of the Beast The Belly of the Beast, The Belly of the Beast Level 1, The Belly of the Beast Level 2 purchase
224 The Innocent 10 40x Orb of Regret purchase
225 The Wilted Rose 7 Level 21 Aura Gem purchase
226 The Endless Darkness 9 Voidforge purchase
227 Beauty Through Death 5 purchase
228 The Price of Protection 5 purchase
229 Boon of the First Ones 6 Bestiary Item Pit of the Chimera Map purchase
230 The Twilight Moon 6 The Twilight Temple purchase
231 The Cacophony 8 3x Deafening Essence Excavation Map, Mineral Pools Map, Sepulchre Map purchase