Challenge Assistance

Obtain item rewards from 18 of the following 23 Incubators. Item rewards are given on completing the incubation process.

Abyssal Incubator
Cartographer’s Incubator
Celestial Annoursmith Incubator
Celestial Blacksmith Incubator
Celestial Jeweller’s Incubator
Decadent Incubator
Diviner’s Incubator
Eldritch Incubator
Enchanted Incubator
Foreboding Incubator
Fossilised Incubator
Fragmented Incubator
Geomancer’s Incubator
Infused Incubator
Mysterious Incubator
Obscured Incubator
Ornate Incubator
Otherworldly Incubator
Primal Incubator
Singular Incubator
Skittering Incubator
Thaumaturge’s Incubator
Time-Lost Incubator