Challenge Assistance

Complete any 15 of the following 19 Unique Maps on your Atlas. A Map is completed by killing its Unique Boss or Bosses if it has any. Maps without Unique Bosses are completed by opening specific Unique Chests.

Acton’s Nightmare
Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack’s Den
Death and Taxes
Doryani’s Machinarium
Hall of Grandmasters
Hallowed Ground
Maelström of Chaos
Mao Kun
Oba’s Cursed Trove
Olmec’s Sanctum
Perandus Manor
Pillars of Arun
Poorjoy’s Asylum
The Coward’s Trial
The Putrid Cloister
The Twilight Temple
The Vinktar Square
Vaults of Atziri
Whakawairua Tuahu