Challenge Assistance

Defeat each of the following Rare Blight Monsters.

Blight Herald
Blight Lurcher
Blighted Ancient Archer
Blighted Arcmage
Blighted Assemblage
Blighted Blood Ape
Blighted Bone Rhoa
Blighted Bonestalker
Blighted Bramble Cobra
Blighted Brine
Blighted Bullock
Blighted Burned Hellion
Blighted Cannibal
Blighted Carnage Ape
Blighted Chieftain
Blighted Cinder Elemental
Blighted Colossal
Blighted Cultist
Blighted Dead
Blighted Deadeye
Blighted Devil
Blighted Elite
Blighted Evangelist
Blighted Experimenter
Blighted Fiend
Blighted Fire-eater
Blighted Fire-raiser
Blighted Fowl
Blighted Frozen Titan
Blighted Gladiator
Blighted Goliath
Blighted Great Rhoa
Blighted Guardian
Blighted Hellion
Blighted Highwayman
Blighted Hound
Blighted Icy Manifestation
Blighted Impaler
Blighted Incinerator
Blighted Initiate
Blighted Lanternbearer
Blighted Larva
Blighted Leaping Spider
Blighted Mage
Blighted Miner
Blighted Murk Runner
Blighted Necromancer
Blighted Outcast
Blighted Pitbull
Blighted Punisher
Blighted Rattler
Blighted Regurgitator
Blighted Relic
Blighted Rhoa Scavenger
Blighted Rumbler
Blighted Scout
Blighted Serpent
Blighted Shaman
Blighted Sister
Blighted Sniper
Blighted Spawn
Blighted Spider Crab
Blighted Spine Construct
Blighted Spray Crab
Blighted Stalker
Blighted Stone Crab
Blighted Tarantula
Blighted Thug
Blighted Thundercaller
Blighted Tidal Crab
Blighted Undying
Blighted Virulent Spider
Blighted Volatile Fire
Blighted Ward
Blighted Wolf Alpha
Blighted Zealot
Blighted Zombie Rhoa